Month / October, 2011

Blog Changes

So there are a couple little changes implemented.  I was getting massive spam (well massive being 14 spam comments versus 2 real comments) so I have made it such that to comment you have to have an account now and I have to approve it.  That should cut down on needing to deal with spam posts.  At least I’m hoping so.

In the end, I estimate this will impact a total of … 0 people.  😀

Serena Passed Away

So, for everyone that knows me, this is obviously way delayed in posting … but i had a hard time bringing myself to do it.  It still hurts to know when i come home she isn’t there waiting for me or won’t be there to put me to sleep with her purring.  but at the same time i know she is no longer sick or in any kind of discomfort.  I miss you kitty!


Beautiful wasn't she?

Spring/Summer 2005 - August 27, 2011