Month / July, 2012


Rochester, MN
Highway 63 & Highway 52
one word: terrible.  in every way.


Chicago, IL
Sheridan & Broadway
only a small. Probably the best for Starbucks because the chai is so strong. Also the sweet of the chocolate doesn’t leave a poor aftertaste then. Forgot to each to see if the chai was in a “pump” here or not. Since a full sized location, maybe not? Bigger issue is that the ice is out in last so the bottom is definitely not cold. The milk helps alleviate this issue, but isn’t a real solution.


Caribou Coffee
Oak Park, IL
Lake & Harlem location
very chocolate-y, as usual. Caribou is always the most chocolate-y, probably because of I always ask for dark chocolate. And they seem to use LOTS of it. Which is good. The chai is very muted. It doesn’t really cut through the chocolate or have a spiced taste at all. I need to try the chai solo to really get a feel for the independent flavor it carries. The chai mostly provides a spiced after taste. Tremaine got the drinks so not sure if there was a choice of milk. It doesn’t seem very thick but is not watery either. Maybe 1/2 and 1/2? My general preference is to go with the 2% because I prefer the thicker texture in the drink. Still, a very enjoyable drink.

Lawrence Dillons Starbucks

starbucks (inside Dillons on 23rd in Lawrence) — got a large iced chai with “lots of chocolate”. it is above average but not near the top of the drinks i have had. this is due to a subpar chai. the chai is “pumped” in just like the chocolate. that would not be bad, but it then starts lukewarm and is really bitter. this leaves a less than ideal after taste. and when mixed with dark chocolate, which is by its own nature bitter, creates a very bitter drink. this may be desirable to some people, but myself not so much. next time i may ask for a little less chocolate, i think i had 6 pumps (or maybe it was 5) of the chocolate. that did make the drink very chocolatey which is something i like, but not ideal for this type of chai. also, i should have made sure they used 2% milk because it helps to cut the drink and make it thicker.