App of the Month 5: Journal 1

Hey, so this is the second blog entry of this month. That is pretty good compared to the past. But, still just the first for this project. Which is of course pretty sad. No matter now, gotta keep moving!

This month I’m gonna kind of bend the rules I set out at the first of the year. How? Well, this project is going to be a two month project. The catch though is that in this first month I’m going to do the server side of the project this month and next month will be the mobile app. This made the most sense for a few reasons. One reason is that this is the most ambitious project I’ve taken on yet, which I’ll cover in a little bit. The other, and probably most important, is this month was pretty crazy in various ways, like visiting NYC for two full weeks.

At this point, you dear reader probably are really anxious to know the project. Fear not for I will reveal that now, kind of: an app/service to help the user find a good place to eat.

Yeah. That is pretty broad. To be more specific, the objective is to solve the problem of too many choices when looking for a place to have dinner in a large city. I have numerous times found myself in the position of not having dinner plans, then when the wife and I try to pick a restaurant to try we become paralyzed with all of the options. This app/service will provide a limited number of options to the user making the decision easier.

Of course this can’t be completely random so there will need to be some secret sauce in picking the suggestions. What will those be? Honestly I’m not entirely sure. I would love proposals on which to base dining location suggestions. Please leave me those proposals in the comments or on Twitter.


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