App of the Month 5: Journal 2

Quick update on what I have accomplished this month, with heavy emphasis on the “quick”.

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, this month’s project is the backend service for my upcoming mobile app/service. The goal of the app/service is to make deciding on a restaurant for dinner much easier.

At this point I would consider this month a success. I have written essentially the minimum viable product (MVP) for the server. The server is able to create new users, request info about a user, generate suggestions for a user, and mark a given suggestion as used. Further, when generating suggestions, the server will not return the same suggestion again.

These features are all that is necessary for the mobile app to be written and proven out. However, there are some obvious missing bits that would eventually need to be fleshed out. For example, there is no real personalization going on, just raw suggestions for restaurants located near where the user has set his/her address. Further, there will need to be an automated job to properly mark a restaurant as suggestible again, since the service can’t only suggest a place once ever. Unless you live in a city like NYC there is going to be a need to have a replenishing pool of restaurants to suggest.

I look forward to showing everyone the mobile app in the coming month!

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