We’ve Moved

Yeah, that is true. We have successfully moved across the country. Many times, people will use that figuratively. We said that figuratively when we moved from Chicago to the San Francisco Bay. This time though, it is literal: we moved from San Francisco Bay to New York City. That is about as across the country as you can get, only a few would be further.

Why would we do this? What madness had taken control of our minds that this move would seem like the right thing to do? Good questions with incomplete answers. We did this because it was an amazing opportunity career-wise for me. I was given the opportunity to take ownership of a project I had been working on and to become a part of a critical infrastructure team within Instagram. The best part of being on this team is that I will be learning from some of the company’s most experienced and impactful engineers. I know that I will grow an immense amount from being on this team even if only by osmosis. The other reason for doing this is that the company was again paying for us to move. Facebook is unbelievably generous to its employees and make moving from one office to another as needed. With 90% of the moving type stresses removed from the process, it is much more exciting and reasonable to change locations.

However, this was definitely not in the original plan. When the wife and I moved to Chicago in 2012 we had done a good amount of discussing whether we would want to live in such a big city. At the time we figured that was as big as we wanted to go, and it was good that it was still relatively near family. And explicitly, we had agreed definitely never New York City. Then we fell in love with the city. And then we moved to the Bay. And we loved all the outdoorsy stuff we could do in the Bay. But, we never really fell in love with the where we were living there. It was too pedestrian and suburban. Interestingly, when we were visiting New York for the first time (we decided to move here before either of us had even visited the city once), we independently felt much more at home as we took a cab into Manhattan than we did in Mountain View.

All of that is to say, I didn’t do an app this month. We start our new lease tomorrow, so hopefully August will be the month I get back into the swing of things. I may not do a large project though because we have a lot of moving in to do. We sold a large amount of furniture when we moved and now we need to replace some of that which will take time making decisions. So yeah, I will only take on a simple project this month. Starting on the first I’m gonna jump to it.

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