App of the Month 8: Journal 2

Last week I mentioned that I was going to work on producing an email product for this month to test my theory about the restaurant discovery service. I am still aiming to do that. To that end I’ve put together a simple sign up form that lets people opt-in to receiving information about the service as it nears testing and to become an early tester. You can find that form at

Yes, I am currently considering the name RestauranTour. Unfortunately that .com is not available so this likely won’t stick. There are a couple other options I’m tossing around but none are as clever as this.

If you sign up I promise there will be no spam and you will not be inundated with emails. While the end goal of this service would be presenting users with new dining destinations every day that isn’t really feasible as a one man shop just getting started. Not to mention I will be limiting the recommendation to something I know. Finally, part of this will be working on the automated aspect of generating these emails. I know nothing about this so it will be interesting working through these issues; probably lots of trial and error. Yay!

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