App of the Month 8: Journal 3

Today was a pretty productive day for this month because I accomplished a couple things critical to success. As a recap, this month I’m aiming to get a basic email version of the dining discovery service up and running. A few months ago I got a really simple MVP backend completed but there was no user facing aspect. That is slowly changing.

The first step in getting users was to first put up a email sign up website. However, I did that really quickly and it was hosted on my personal website which was less than ideal. So today, I addressed that by finding a couple domains which have okay names. These domains now host the same email sign up form but are not hosted at a domain with my name in the URL. I’ll include those a little later in this post, promise.

The next step was to actually get an email sent. I’m about a third of the way there. Today my goal was to get a simple template put together that would have the basic format and description of necessary information. It is really simple and will not win any awards right now, but that isn’t the point currently. My objective was to get one made and I did that, so success!

So without further ado, you can now sign up at and for information and to join the beta program!

My next step will be to setup a proper outbound email system so that I can easily deliver these emails. That is gonna be even more trickery with learning to be a sysadmin …

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