App of the Month: Retrospective

Well the year has come to an end and so has my “App of the Month” goal. Let’s look back on what I accomplished and then determine if it was a success or not.


I actually was able to complete a number of projects, and all of them I’m pretty proud of.
– Workout Deck (February)
– Six Word Stories an Alexa Skill (March)
– Where is My Spouse an Alexa Skill (April)
– backend/server MVP (May)
– Moved (literally) all the way across the country (July)
– House List (August)
– sign up page (September)
– email server (September)

Not a bad amount of output for the year.

Also, I did lose about 8 pounds total from January 1st to December 31st. There were times where that difference was a little greater and it wasn’t the amount I had hoped for, but it was a success none the less.


Well these are pretty easy to figure out.
– I did not release a new app, iOS or otherwise, every month of the year
– I did not complete two new Project Rosalind problems every month
– I did not finish reading any books this year


All things considered, I would say this was a successful year. The greatest accomplishments would be moving and getting two more apps into the Apple iOS App Store. While neither app is making me any money both were fun to work on and 100% my own. That is something to be proud of. Also, considering the efforts I’ve made professionally at work, there is quite a bit to be happy about.

That isn’t to say I’m 100% satisfied with this year. I would have liked to have not missed on all those other goals, but in reality I was over estimating how much I could do so what I did accomplish is most likely the best I could have hoped for.

Going Forward

Well, next year I’m going to set my goals a lot more realistically. I’m going to set a physical goal that is definite and one I’ll share soon, and I’m going to set a side project-y goal that will not be nearly as aggressive! See you in 2017!

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