Planning for the Year

Happy New Year to everyone! I know that is a bit late, but I’m pretty sure you’ll live with it just fine. My last blog post recapped the successes and failures of 2016 and now I’d like to go over my goals for 2017.

Physical Goals

I have only two physical goals for this year and they are both easily measurable:

  1. I will be able to do an unassisted hand stand
  2. I will run another marathon in the fall

The first I have never been able to do and the second will be my fifth marathon.

Side Project Goals

Really, that title should be singular because I want to redo my blog. Right now my blog is running on WordPress which provides me quite a bit of freedom and easy support. However, it is a bit heavy and my service provider does not have great hardware it seems because the site is super slow and will occasionally just go down. Again, there are two overall goals:

  1. I will migrate my content to a self-hosted server (like Amazon, Azure, Digital Ocean private)
  2. I will redesign the format of the blog

The reason for the first goal is that it is super cheap to run a static website on one of those service providers and I get much more control of the site that way. I do not plan to use WordPress but rather something much more basic. Maybe Jeckyll, maybe something hand rolled that is just a basic Node server providing simple static pages.

The reason for the second goal is to force myself to learn more HTML, CSS, and other design tools. I have an idea of what I want the final result to be but next to no idea how I’ll accomplish that. You can see what my current iteration is in the image below.

What do you all think? Good goals? Would you change something with the proposed design? Let me know in the comments!


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