Word up yo!  If you have found this site, then most likely I have given you the address. As such you probably know me a little by now, but just a quick over view:

  • I was an aspiring engineer in the construction industry
  • I am now an aspiring mobile application developer, employed full time doing something I truly enjoy
  • I graduated from KU with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering
  • I worked in the construction industry for 3 years
  • I have now completed my Master of Science in Civil Engineering
  • I’ve done plenty of freelance and now “real” mobile dev work
  • I have 1 cat, she is fat and very cute. She lives in Lawrence, KS still while my wife and I live in Chicago
  • I have an amazing wife that rocks my world

So yeah, that’s a quick run down about me. Now, as to why this blog started up — I want something new to try out. I’ve not had a blog since back when xanga was popular.  I wonder if that site even exists anymore … but that is neither here nor there. I will attempt to keep this updated with posts and find a tool bar to connect to my twitter profile. You can follow me @amonshiz if you so desire.