Project Rosalind Solutions

Here you will find direct links to my various blog posts relating to working through the Project Rosalind problems.

Bioinformatics Stronghold

  1. Counting DNA Nucleotides [along with Concept Review part 1, Concept Review part 2, Concept Review part 3]
  2. Transcribing DNA into RNA
  3. Complementing a Strand of DNA
  4. Mendel’s First Law
  5. Rabbits and Recurrence Relations
  6. Computing GC Content
  7. Translating RNA into Protein
  8. Finding a Motif in DNA
  9. Counting Point Mutations
    9b. Counting Point Mutations Redux
  10. Calculating Expected Offspring
  11. Mortal Fibonacci Rabbits
  12. Inferring mRNA from Protein
  13. Independent Alleles
  14. Calculating Protein Mass
  15. Overlap Graphs
  16. Finding a Protein Motif